Ap2000 wrote:
joker wrote:
tbh, i did not laugh as hard, however if u think about it, matsumoto himself is injured, and at the last part he did not participate in it, so my argument about health is still valid. :!:

Not really, they're not 70+.
They're still at an age where they can participate in a lot of things. It's just that their endurance might not be the same anymore as it was when in their 20s, which is understandable.
Also, the last good and way more active Batsu happened just about 5 years ago, not 20 years ago.

So, yeah, the "health" card gets drawn way too easily in this place.

age is not the issue bro i can be like 20 years old but with injury all over the place, what do you expect me to do?
matsumoto is almost 50 this year, been getting butt slapped for 11 years now, think of yourself being in his shoe not being your age but being his, thats all, argument closed