Any Korean Versions similar to Gaki no Tsukai???

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well since i've finally seen over a 100 Running Man episodes (altho im still not current). obviously i'm a fan of the show to have given it the time, cause their episodes are pretty long. and so far there has only been like 2 episodes that i felt were just ok.... is it like Gaki??? ummmm.... not necessarily. But will it make you laugh and is it entertaining? i truly believe so. i second whoever said earlier that u dont have to be a fan of K-pop or their dramas to enjoy the show. The main cast has good chemistry together and each have their own personalities or traits that stand out quite well. my only gripe which is something i've noticed n many asian shows, but i've noticed Korean variety does it waaaaaaay more, is their editing.....they loop/repeat/replay the crap out of certain scenes. I can understand when its done on a very funny scene. But why do i have to see someone laugh over n over from different angles? While the editing can be funny at times, they simply go overboard on replaying many unnecessary scenes and or even use slow motion for build up for a very small detail. oh yeah! and another gripe kinda related to their editing. usually at the end of every show they will show a preview of the following episode and they reveal the guests that will be on the following week. Then when that show airs, they spend more than enough time on editing and adding captions like "who could the guests be?!?!?! and trying to make it mysterious. ok really thats all...

but other than that, i really think its a great show. love all the betrayal that goes on it and the games are fun to watch. so far all my friends that i've shown really enjoy the show as well. If you decide to start watching them, i would recommend starting from episode one. at the beginning i would just watch random episodes, but realized they would reference many things from past episodes. so i started from the beginning and its definitely made the show better....ok im sure this is long enough. FIGHTING ;)
Just discover a show names Saturday Night Live. You can give it a try.

^There's a japanese version of saturday night live too.

For korean shows, I've only heard of running man, which is popular even in my country
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