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The show would never be the same if any of them left... But if I had to rank them;

Tanaka: my absolute favorite. Tell me you wouldn't fall in love with the lanky, know it all, over emotional guy who always falls!

Hamada: HUH?!?....nuff said

Endo: I didn't use to like him, but I have a soft spot for how stupid he can be.

Yamsaki: who doesn't enjoy watching a grown man being teased by his workers for wearing a T-back?

Motsumoto: don't get me wrong just cause he's last!! He's really funny and I love how dramatic he gets about punishments

All of them are super awesome <3
There are over 500 species of sharks and half of them live in the deep sea
~ Tanaka Naoki

If you answered differently, you are wrong. :smoke:
personally my favourite is matsumoto especially after i saw a video on youtube about his life and how hard he works i admired him even more
Definitely Matsumoto, he's the person that had a great impact on the owarai scene in Japan, of course he wouldn't have done that without Hamada, but still his boke character is one of the best.
Tanaka - so much love, I think he's getting more creative control recently, and seems to be 'in charge' of Licence, plus is getting more time with Hamada. I hope this is all true.
Matsumoto - the most talented
Yamazaki - I love his personality, but he's not as talented as Matsumoto
Hamada - tons of respect for this guy, but there has to be an order. It can't be helped.
Heipo - the scene of him an Tanaka in the woods, etc, ...he has great reactions naturally.
Endo - Seriously, what does this guy do besides look cool? haha. Has he become too cool to be clown? That what these guys are. I don't get him.

I should probably find some Endo videos to prove me wrong. Any suggestions?


I've been watching a lot more of their collective work, and I've changed my mind.

#1 - Yamazaki, tied with Tanaka.
#3 - Matsumoto
#4 - Hamada
#5 - Endo - I've been paying attention to what he says lately. I wish he'd contribute more, because I like him when he's 'on'. He's just not 'on' as much as I'd like.
#6 - Suga & Heipo
Yamasaki has become my favourite however I think they all contribute something valuable in their own way and all compliment each other really well so I like all the cast. :)
I'm looking forward to seeing some of Yamazaki's rakugo subbed. :D
dael wrote:
I'm looking forward to seeing some of Yamazaki's rakugo subbed. :D

Yeah that could be interesting to see. As with Downtown's Manazai talks, a lot is lost without understanding the words. The rakugo "sit-down comedy storytelling" reminds me of the early work of british comedian Rik Mayall as "Investigator Kevin Turvey" who would sit in a chair each episode and tell a story (about anything but what he was supposed to be investigating), very funny but if it were in a different language likely very boring to watch.
Without a doubt, Matsumoto. As a great comedian, he continues to make useless comments in every single Batsu Game, what causes himself and all other gaki members to laugh(As in the newest Batsu Game "If all Japanese wore a wig like these, we probably could win a war... "). I love, how Hamada and Matsumoto are mocking eachother, pointing their finger at eachother with "He just laughed~"'.

Matsumoto and Hamada in one formation are just unstoppable. 8)
1. Matsumoto
2. Hamada
3. Yamasaki
4. Endo
5. Tanaka

Matsumoto & Hamada has its very funny synergy, their long time friendship made me "awww.." Especially the Chicken rice music of Hamada written by Matsumoto.

Yamasaki is so kawaii and like a kid! That's what I love about him :lol:

I'm being intrigued with Endo and Chiaki haha

Tanaka, he jumps endlessly during the "No fear" segment. Aannd..I dunno, he moves like a girl. He really is suspicious.. :P
Matsumoto: うわああ!~ :-o
Mmmm, it's very difficult to say but the funniest for me is Matsumoto,that laugh on everything :rofl: ,then there is Hamada, the sadist lip-monster that hit everybody and his laugh is very contagious, like a chimpanzee :devil:
In the same position there are Endo and Yamasaki, Endo for the funny faces that he makes when he laugh and try to make laugh the other ]:) and Yamasaki for his amazing expressions, especially when he look like he cry and for the chono slap :drunk:
Tanaka is always timorous and he look like a girl when he get scared, even for something that is not scary :tmi:
Onishi is always funny, i can't forget his sketch, ten ten ten ten ten ten :D
However, all are fundamental and they form a great show, I can't live anymore without them :)
See ya :hai:
I try to order who I like the most every so often and it always seems to change depending on the type of skit or challenge they're doing.

I think over all it goes:

1. Yamazaki - I love what he does and what he finds funny, I think he's brilliant in every situation.
2. Tanaka - His humour is so subtle, and I think often gets overlooked by the louder more obvious comedy stylings of the others - especially in the Kiki series - but he is such a good skit actor and I tend to laugh at the same things he finds funny! Even though he's "the quiet one" I think that when he has something to say it's funnier and isn't afraid to give as good as he gets (and it's funny to watch him get scared)
3. Matsumoto - he's just so cooooooooooooool. He always has something funny to say, but seems like an utter professional - he was born to do what he does. Even though he's so cool he still maintains the slight awkwardness that makes him seem so down to earth.
4. Hamada - I wish there were more, crappier members of Gaki cos I really don't like scoring Hamada so low, but it just has to be. I really love his leadership and sadistic style, like Matsumoto, he's ridiculously cool, but in a more Dad kind of way.
5. Endo - While I really like Endo too (How can you dislike any of them?) I just kinda feel he has a little less of a distinct character than the others. If his private life wasn't the subject of so much of his Gaki stuff, I'm not sure how much airtime he would get at all - but you gotta love his snaggle tooth!

This list is subject to change though, as in for the Kiki series the list would go:


This list is subject to change though, as in for the Kiki series the list would go:

I've noticed this to be true as well, my favorite may character(s) depend on the situation/or series, but in the end they all complement each other really well (like Soudou said).
Matsumoto: just because he is extremely funny!
And aboutnthe rest, I have a similar feelings to Gakibeatleboosh :
Gakibeatleboosh wrote:
Tanaka: Tell me you wouldn't fall in love with the lanky, know it all, over emotional guy who always falls!
Hamada: HUH?!?
Endo: ABCDE..FG..H.IJKL...L...L!L!!
matsumoto and hamada is tied for me. dunno why matsumoto's laugh really is contagious and hamada's sadisctic side can get me rolling. yamazaki is just behind by .80 points LOL
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