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are they hit by rubber clubs everytime they are out because i dont understand exactly the item that they are butt slapped
It depends on which batsu game, i believe its a rubber baton of some type, but in the newspaper batsu game it was a rubber pencil
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And in the earlier ones, spa was a blow dart, yugawara was a sex whip thing and high school was a kendo training sword.

But now they use latex covered rubber baton/bats.
thanks all for your help...does anyone have any links that i can order those rubber batons/bats?its hard to find on ebay or amazon thanks in advance
lol, interesting... is it for something kinky? lol

Well I looked for ya cause I was bored and came across this website.

There is a baseball bat which is close. They have other weapons there too, maybe you could ask them to make particular shapes or sizes, though I am not sure.
And just so you know I have never bought from them and never heard of them till now so I don't know what they are like. lol

Hope it helps anywyas
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