Or whatever they are called. I dunno, I just found a good site similar to facebook but without too much shizness going on, decided to create a ''Gaki No Tsukai'' group cuse there were none in there. Plus we can chats in the same group if we are joined in that group, similar to chatango, but only members joined can post and chat in that chat and stuffs(if I make it to CLOSED(Private), right now it's OPEN to anyone). I tho it would be cool to have group there, if anyone likes, please do join in and check it out.

This is the ''group'' I created named ''Gaki No Tsukai(Fan Page)'': http://www.digisocial.com/903806

and this is the normal site: http://www.digisocial.com/

Well, anyone can delete those numbers to figure it out, but sometimes there are some crazy exceptions so I had to make it clear.

P.S: My name is JapanLover(yeah, cheezy, but meh,random stuff) in ze site.