Batsu 2013 Firemen!

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Apparently they shot it this week on novemvber 10th. The theme this year will be Firemen and it'll last 6 hours! ... 4%E6%99%82
We've already been discussing it in the "Batsu Game 2013 announced yet?" thread.

Copypaste my post:

Yeah, Firemen it seems to be !

Jap. Wikipedia also got an article up now: ... 4%E6%99%82

The program will be 6 hours long.
It has been recorded on 10.11. (that's November 10th , for you amerifats ;) ).

More Info, in case you want to read a minor spoiler:

It takes place at the "GAS Black Lustre Firefighting HQs" in Yomitan, Okinawa.
So I guess the GAS stuff from Spy is back again...
Just did Street View on Yomitan, Okinawa. Looks an awesome village, dudez.