How come the extras NEVER laugh in the no laughing games?

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Even the people delivering the performance themselves occasionally laugh when they mess up or forget their lines, etc. But I've never managed to catch one of the background extras smile, let alone laugh. How do they do it?
Because they're actors hired to play a part. I'm sure they're instructed to not laugh at any cost. Once in a blue moon you will catch one snickering, though. Those happen almost exclusively in older batsu games(I think Airport is the most recent one I caught it happening) so I'm not sure if they've gotten better at editing out the laughing extras or just gotten stricter.
It's possible they also practice parts in advance or are present when the guests are rehearsing their parts so that they're already exposed to what will happen. I think they had to of rehearsed the morning exercises segment of the Hospital batsu for example. :rofl:
I think some of the extras do laugh, atleast in the High School batsu you can see them laugh.
They surely do, it's just something we are not getting from the videos, as those scenes are either not being filmed, or not distributed to public :)
I've seen them do it before. But by them staying serious it creates an atmosphere for the main guys to laugh more easily.
In the hotel batsu there was a girl in the front row who laughed pretty hard when the hotel representives had to give a name to a sake brand (potato chips, fish etc.) and Matsumoto commented it.
I can always spot background people laughing! Although I personally have watched each batsu numerous times now so thats why I spot them.
You know something is funny when even the background ppl laugh though. :clap:
I only saw very very few guests that make the 5 laugh laughing at themselves. Remember in the Earth Defense Force batsu, when W Cheesecake was laughing, when at one point Hamada smacks the girl in the head to get it together? That was one of the moments I spotted someone laughing besides our 5 (Downtown, Cocorico and Yamasaki)

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