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Hey fellow Gaki-Friends,

last years Batsu was fun with live-stream & live-chat.
Though, i thought there was a lot of confusion for many users, since there was no "big announcement" with infos and stuff for those who dont come here often.
Here is my idea of how you could make it this year, so the chat stays clear from people asking "when it starts" or "where to watch" every few minutes :D

Take a look:


So long :)
Nice graphics! Maybe you can post them as separate images in the thread to be used? is a good easy image host.

On that note, it'd be great if some members who are actively involved were given the ability to update the Announcements area on the frontpage.
Kyon's going to be kindly running the stream so they could update it regarding that. :)

JordansOcarina could also be given the ability to update it regarding Team Gaki's efforts to sub the batsu after it airs. I heard they might not be able to sub this year due to lack of translators :( So I think it'd be super useful if Jordan was given the ability to put some translator recruitment info up for Team Gaki on the frontpage in the hopes they get enough people for the team. :)

Both Kyon and JordansOcarina are Global Moderators but don't have the power to make changes to the frontpage. I hear that is Admins only. Both have the site's best interests in mind though so Admin permissions wouldn't be a bad decision (just my 2 pence). :$
It would be great if we could have a progress bar somewhere in the main page so that everyone would know where the subbers are and they wouldn't be bugged all the time :)
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