After watching the amazing Rangers Dressing game of 2001, I made up a little drinking game that will be put to the test on my birthday next month. It requires 5 people (although spectators can be involved too). For this you need to make 5 times 5 different colored cards and buy lots of booze. Here are the rules:
All players each choose a card, put it upside down in the middle and then reveal the color one by one. If all 5 players chose a different color, the game is won. If doubles exist, the ones that had the doubles need to drink a shot. The same applies to triples and quadruples (the ones picking different colours are spared). If all 5 players chose the same colour, everyone has to drink two shots. Pretty easy to remember.

If you want to involve spectators, they have to drink with the triples, quadruples and whenever two doubles apear, they have to drink two shots (their fault for being passive).

In the end it will end up pretty badly for everyone involved so make sure noone is driving or has to work the next day~