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Re: 1st ep with Matsumoto shaved head?

Posted: 19.07.2014, 01:39
by VideogameDC
solari wrote:
The first episode where Matsumoto had a shaved head was a freetalk episode. Might be able to find it on youtube.

VideogameDC wrote:
Knudow wrote:
Now i'm curious... how did he look right before shaving his head?

I thought the difference from the old videos and the new ones was because he was going bald, I never thought he just shaved his head one day.

The very first Gaki episode from November 3, 1989. Matsumoto has hair in this one.

The first gaki episode aired October 3 1989, not November 3.

Sorry, I'm not good when I read the months in numbers. :P

Re: 1st ep with Matsumoto shaved head?

Posted: 06.02.2015, 09:09
by biex
He said in his documentary that he didn't like to sit still for long while having people touching his head and face, hence, why he does his make-up by himself.