Matsumoto's father died

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Hi guys, This is my first post ever. but well,
This notice shocked me when I saw it. I was browsing my tweeter and saw it. we are for sure very sorry for his loss.
He passed away on august 30th。

Here is the original text in Japanese:

親父が死んだ。。。 オレは悲しまない。 あの人とはいろいろあったからな。 葬式で帰省。あの人と暮らした尼崎を少し歩いた。あの人と子供の頃行った太陽の塔を見に行った。あの人と食べたチキンライスを食べたらさすがにいろんな感情が押し寄せて来やがった。。。 親父。さいなら。

Here is the translated text using my japanese skills :D
My Father died... I dont feel sad at all because he went over a lot of things. I just returned home from the funeral. I walked around in Amagasaki where I used to live with my dad. I went to see Taiyo-no-tou "the tower of the sun" which I also saw with my dad when I was young. I wasn't feeling it much at all until I had chicken rice which I had with dad when I was young. Father. Goodbye.


It's indeed very tragic :( We shared our thoughts here:

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