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Hi, fellow Gaki fans!

My brother and I have been fans of Gaki No Tsukai since 2009. My brother started watching their Silent Library series and he was the one who introduced them to me. Since then, we have been watching their series (Silent Library, Batsu games, Absolutely Tasty, Kiki Series, etc) through third party and mirror sites. The guys never fail to make us laugh and make our day complete! Believe it or not, we look up to them more than to our local celebrities here in the Philippines (I guess most of us do, anyway).

By God's blessing, my family is now given a chance to visit Tokyo, Japan on the first week of February 2015 and the first thing that came to our mind is how to see these guys in person! It would be an ultimate dream come true for us since I know it will be a once in a lifetime experience! I tried looking for their email address at Nippon TV website but sadly, I cannot read Japanese (much alone speak it).

For those who can help us, kindly PM me. I know I am shooting the moon with this kind of request, but just reaching Matsumoto-san, Hamada-san, Tsukitei/Yamazaki-san, Endo-san, Tanaka-san, Suga-san, or Heipo-san with our letter will make us very happy in our lifetime.

Arigato gozaimasu in advance! :bow:

From the Philippines with love,

Gilai :inlove:
If only I can hug Matsumoto-san, Hamada-san, Yamazaki-san, Endo-san, and Tanaka-san in my lifetime... sighs! <3 :((

Sorry I can't help with how to get into the recording studio for the recording of the batsu in-between segments (the regular Gaki episodes aren't done infront of a live audience anymore). I remember a couple people saying they had difficulty managing that so I guess just persevere.

I will say though that out of the Gaki cast, Tsukitei Housei is probably the easiest to get to see live if you're in Japan. His side-career as a rakugo (comic storyteller, like stand-up but sitting down) means he does regular gigs in theatres around the Kansai region. If there is time and space to do so, he sometimes does a meet and greet after such shows, where he shakes peoples hands. Sometimes he's also done book signing events. He posts details of his events on his Twitter:
Wow! Thank you very much, Soudou-san, for this vital advice! I might not be able to reach him via Twitter but I got his official Facebook page thru it. Eventhough he has the highest chance of being seen in public easily, I know we will still have a hard time spotting him. But hopefully, we can since he is our favorite too, the wittiest of them all. :) if only I can read those Japanese characters (kanji, right?) in his Twitter account, that would be awesome though... :(
If only I can hug Matsumoto-san, Hamada-san, Yamazaki-san, Endo-san, and Tanaka-san in my lifetime... sighs! <3 :((
You're welcome.
I don't know Japanese either but I think the most important things to look up would be the date and venue.
I find it helps a little to line break after each punctuation in Google Translate (e.g. after each 〜 。、?!/ etc.)

For example with this tweet: ... 2429537280
Breaking it down in Google Translate you find out Venue is 【会場】.
Google the name of the venue and you get Google Map directions:
You also find out Date is 【日時】. 1月23日18時30分(開場18時).
Google Translated (line breaking after each bit):
January 23
(Doors open at 18)
Ticket price or "Admission" according to Google Translate 【入場料金】.
"Advance 3000 yen / 3500 yen ticket purchased the day"
So basically it's 500 yen cheaper to book in advance than on the day / at the door.
If you type into Google "3000 yen in usd" you get the result: $25.18
At the end of the tweet is a number "0570-036-912" which I assume is for booking tickets via phone.

You could look up just enough Japanese to book a ticket (I imagine tourist guides have such things since it's a common topic). Or you can use an in-between service who will buy stuff in Japan for you for a fee. Google "deputy service japan" for such services.
I think she can use the Google Translate app, download the japanese language pack so she can use the app with no Wi-Fi connection in her phone. With that she can know the meaning of many words, sometimes with the scrambled mess of english that Google has.

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