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Is there anyone else but me who getting a sense of deja-vu on each new Batsu release? I am noticing some reuse of the same or similar buildings with a different look, the bus, the two factions bickering, the conferences, the DVD/drawers, the dark scenes and the chase finale? Some brand new stuff would be appreciated as I can see where it is going sometimes.

Maybe the school locations are why they gave such similarity in some of the No Laughing episodes.
That's what happens when you only keep rewatching the New Year's specials that have run over ten years of a show that has run for almost thirty years.

Things that get very popular also tend to get desperate about keeping their popularity which often means they stop experimenting and at most ride on new fads while keeping the basic concept intact. I'm glad Suberanai Hanashi got over that phase and returned to pure talk without huge amounts of gallery people and long-ass intro/outro ceremonies, but at this point the No-Laughing has become a whole new New Year's tradition. It's the only real rival to Kouhaku and actually one of the few New Year's shows where they don't announce the moment when year changes.
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This came up again recently on Reddit, and I guess my reply there might work here too. I think people were pleasantly surprised by some of the twists in the Detectives Batsu though.

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