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GobuGobu Atsushi

Posted: 14.01.2018, 18:14
by Toyabong
Hi guys just asking how come i dont see atsushi in gobugobu anymore?? i tried searching online about it but no news saying he left the show or something hopefully anyone here knows??

Re: GobuGobu Atsushi

Posted: 14.01.2018, 19:38
by Ayaka
I think right now he is studying for exams to try and get into Aoyama University. He's hosting a show on Abema where he does things related to his exam preparation like talking to students who graduated from there (such as Fruit Punch's Murakami). I don't know how often London Hearts airs but I haven't really seen that show in some time either. I don't know for sure about GobuGobu. I am just guessing he may have stepped back from TV a bit to focus on prepping.

Re: GobuGobu Atsushi

Posted: 22.05.2018, 11:07
by Takahashi
I noticed he was gone too. Whatever he's doing, I wish him the best and I hope he'll come back to the show soon. It's not the same without him.