What is your favorite batsu game thus far?

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For me it has to be the highschool, that part in the english class. i nearly died!

I also love the "haunted" parts of the last three batsu games, but I can't help but think that if I were a part of the crew that comes up with the games, I could make it way more scary. Like "screaming all the time" scary.

A couple of posters mentioned that their favorites changes for them as time goes on, and I would have to agree with that statement. I guess I don't have a favorite anymore, it's just too damn hard to choose!

Here's my list:

1: High school
2: Police
3: Onsen
4: Newspaper
5: Hospital

High school will always be my number 1 - Think I've watched it 8 or 9 times now:P
Shinpai nai, mondai nai nai nai, that's life, it's alright
Or in english : Don't worry, there's no problem, that's life, it's alright

Behind the fact that I've think they're all great, in my opinion the Hospital batsu and the newspaper 2008 are the bests, the fact that they're connected by the accident of Yama-san being slapped by Masahiro Chono for stealing his object and in 2008 when Masahiro Chono son get hurt by Yama-san without doing anything against the kid.

The french guy who decide to travel to Portugal to learn English so that he could go to Japan!

A new subber is in the house - ^^


My favorite is probably the the ones with Matsumoto in them. So I chose, the high school batsu games or maybe even the spring inn batsu, i can't decide. :D

High School of course. xD
I though I was gonna die...really...
I was really frightened.
at the moment, I choose the High School Game.

haven't seen Hospital, 24h Tag and Hotel Man yet, but I have a list of reasons for choosing the High School:
-Kuchibiru West High School song ("aaahh, Kuchibiru, Kuchibiruuuu...")
-Heipo as "Omame-San"
-PE Class with "Teacher" Hard Gay
-Field Trip, with the Obachans attacking the players
-Itao's Wife dancing
-Tomoharu dancing!

edit: just finished watching Hospital, Newspaper and Onigokko Tag, and man... now it's very hard to choose one!! I like those parts in both Hospital and Newspaper where the "mysterious buttons" appeared and all the drama to push them...

and I feel sorry for Tanaka in the Hospital game... they made fun of him because of his moaning.
"Life's like a giant Batsu Game, it's just waiting for you to get OUT and hit you."

Hospital hands down! The morgue scene where they get slapped around made me tear up out of laughter.

Hospital, Police Station and Hotel Man. Overall hotel man wasnt as good but it had its moments xD

I love them all but I think the Hospital and the High school were pretty funny :D

Hospital: probably because (at least I think) this was the first one where the Don't fear part appeared
High School: Jimmy Onishi speaking english totally got me :D:D and Hard Gay is awesome :drool: XD
My opinion is the same with many users: Jimmy Onishi got me. :D

So summary is that High School -game was the best. :D
The g l o o m y morning has already died
I think it's the Hotel batsu, followed by Hospital but I'm about to see the newspaper agency batsu, anyways, my number 1 is the Hotel!
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