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The destiny, made this for me :rofl: after watch a korean singing in bad english, I was imagined how japanese talks english, so I searched at YouTube and I found Jimmy Onishi english classes video, I read the comments and I see a guy talking the show name and at that moment I met Gaki No Tsukai
So another sould captured by Jimmy's english videos xD
Probably many of us knew about Gaki because of Jimmy Onishi's english videos xD.
I discovered Gaki because of the video, though I saw it when I was 10 :O

I discovered Gaki when I saw a youtube video of their chinko machine segment lol! :rofl:


it was that vid or it was the ass machine one where they answer questions or have to deal with a face full of crotch and butt can't remember which cause I've been following these guys for awhile now.
Hi pal. Welcome.

Maybe you mean this one??

Oh god, I got a good laugh upon seeing those videos. Yeah those were the ones I was speaking of. :lol:
Those were recently subbed by GakiFiles. If you want more, search here viewforum.php?f=31 :rofl: :rofl:
Arlekin wrote:

When I watched this video I couldn't tell apart who is Housei or who is Tanaka. I don't knew their "official colors" and I met Tanaka with his classic long hair.
C'mon, it's easy to tell who is Housei and who is Tanaka in this video, even if you don't have that many experience in the Gaki world.

My brother first started watching their show thru Youtube. He started with Silent Library and upon checking out their other videos, he got interested on the casts itself. Then, he let me watch Silent Library first, then the 24-hour tag batsu game. Since we didn't get enough of them, we watched the entire year-end batsu games. That was our history on how we became fans of them. :clap: :inlove: :nod:
If only I can hug Matsumoto-san, Hamada-san, Yamazaki-san, Endo-san, and Tanaka-san in my lifetime... sighs! <3 :((
I started off watching random Japanese Game Shows on youtube, then about a year or two ago I came across the 24hr Tag Batsu Game. While searching for a better quality file of the batsu game to download I discovered a variety of other batsu games that they did. I promptly downloaded all of them and have been a fan of their work ever since. I also started watching other series that they did such as "Absolutely Tasty", "Oogiri Daigassen" and "Kiki".
Was watching it from '97, along with Hey! Hey! Hey! I also loved NHK's On Air Battle. I've always loved manzai.
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