Whats your Fav moment in the Batsu games???

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Hi this my 1st post i belive but been a member for a good while and always check up on the forum. Firstly i just want to thank every1 and any1 that has helped in some way to bring us foreigners gaki no tsukai i have been obssesed for a long time.
I Was watching through some of the vids and decided on a moment (maybe rashly..) as my fav moment out of all the gaki no tsukai's, Now i know there is way too many side splitting moments with this group but for me it had to be when yamasaki was slapped in no laughing hospital and the whole team in particular matsumoto turned his back on yamasaki so as not to laugh. It just has me in stitches. I know as i type this out there are so many rofl moments that would compete and i could put a string of other classic moments that have me crying from laughter... but what are you thoughts?

Ten ten!

Originally posted by olapeder
Ten ten!

Ten ten ten!

Ten ten ten ten!


Ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten!
Sampan no rizumu shite iru kai? Yamasaki-san no mamori mamo ganbare yo! Hei! Ho Ho Hoi! Ho Ho Hoi! Ho Ho Hoi Hoi Hoi~! Ho Ho Hoi! Ho Ho Hoi! Ho Ho Hoi Hoi~!

Oh man, I have a lot...

Aside from 10...10 10? I think the CO2 drawer trap from the Newspaper Batsu would be my fav moment. It always makes me laugh.

over whelming response ay :blink: i know a lot of the big moments are funny like with co2 drawer and so on, but i personally find the lil things funniest the way they forget themselves and set each other off with a laugh again another brilliant moment is when hamada laughs and forgets that he isnt allowed to(i believe in hospital ep), the look on his face when he realises is priceless!

There are so many hilarious moments that it's hard to narrow it down. I guess I'll say the Hospital Batsu back-to-back moments of the exercises and "Dr. Playboy" falling into the pit. Those are sidesplitting moments and having them happen back-to-back made it almost too much to handle.
wooh, it is difficult to choose only one..I think when they all participated in the "Do not be scared" part of the Hotel Batsu game.. :D
save the nation through the oblation! :D

It's a rather simple moment, but during the Police Batsu Game when Hamada opened his drawers :lol: His face was priceless!
[FONT=comic sans ms]They say celebrities die early...
What about cameramen?
:clap: Way to go, Aiba-chan!

Every moment of No-Reaction Pie Hell! batsu game.
I love that episode. Poor Matsumoto...
MUAHAHAHAHA! Omae wa rouningyou shitei yaroukaa~!!!

I like the part in the no reaction pie hell when hamada and the guys were dancing to a song, and when the song finished, threw their pies simultaneously at matsumoto.

I have a few I can't really narrow down:

- Hamada's double take when he sees the back of the book with Matsumoto's brother on it in the hospital batsu

- Tanaka's reaction to the Thai kick being announced in the song in the hotel batsu. He laughs briefly when his name is mentioned but once she starts singing about the kick his face just drops

- the 10-15 minutes of lunch during the newspaper batsu. Hamada passes judgment on the watchman and from there its constant punishment and laughter

Originally posted by CrotchBat
I have a few I can't really narrow down:

- Hamada's double take when he sees the back of the book with Matsumoto's brother on it in the hospital batsu

I was watching this last night and thought about that another of his brilliant reactions is in the newsagent 1 when he sees the picture of his chair and tries to disguise his laugh by having a drink!

Well, I have too many to mention, but since I'm watching the high school game again a couple from that:

The english class.
Yamasaki making Tanaka laugh over and over with the "Dankan" thing.
Itao's "wife" dancing to Madonna.
The drunk comedienne (can't remember her name)

Those were all hilarious parts xD

Originally posted by Vealchops
The drunk comedienne (can't remember her name)

Hanako Yamada.

To name one from each...

Heipo messing up in 24-tag (especially slipping during the entrance)
Hamada getting scared by Matsumoto's fart in Haunted Hotel batsu.
Matsumoto getting pegged in the nuts numerous times in Pie Hell
Matsumoto getting shot with a dart bare-assed in Hot Spring 1
Endo's & Matsumoto messing around in afros in Hot Spring 2
Matsumoto's birthday confession in High School (this was an extra)
The drifting training in Police Men Batsu
Hidden hole traps in Hospital Batsu
Matsumoto "Nya"ing in Newspaper Batsu during the haunted portion
Epic tambourine playing in hotel man.

All these are the ones that first come to mind when I think of each... I'm sure there's a lot more moments i love :P
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