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gesichtspalme wrote:
Just found two subbed episodes by VRiSFAGS I've completely missed because I thought that guy went inactive ages ago..

Episode #211 Taito Chase HQ
A poster in the SA thread mentioned that they spoil the outcome of the Zelda 2 challenge right when the episode begins, so you should skip to 3:20 if you want to avoid that.

Episode #194 Wizards and Warriors

Better late than never I guess lol

I completely missed Chase HQ! Thank you very much...
ErnieYoung wrote:
#250 DRAGON QUEST (Part 1)
ドラゴンクエスト (前編)!KdNhTQgB
GCCX #250 DRAGON QUEST (1).zip

Thank you ErnieYoung, as always!

Wow, he's finally actually playing Dragon Quest, the game from which GCCX borrows a bunch of graphics and inspiration from (for example, in their opening and credits screens). Finally, lol.
Super Mario Maker Live Challenge subbed!
ermoviola wrote:
Super Mario Maker Live Challenge subbed!

Just came here to post this. There's also some short Pre-Show thingie here:

It's nice to see Kakaricho stepping in when Zari-Gani doesn't have that much time. Having two active subbers on the team should definitely increase the amount of released subs.
I remember Kakaricho from when he still posted on 4chan's GCCX threads. Iirc he was part of the now defunct VR-GCCX team.
The dumb is strong in this one.
#251 DRAGON QUEST (Part 2)
ドラゴンクエスト (後編)!zBcg0TRI
GCCX #251 DRAGON QUEST (2).zip

Game Center CX SP15 - New Year's Eve 2016 - Kiki Kaikai Revenge [SA-GCCX]

New episode from [SA-GCCX]
#252 Destiny of an Emperor
天地を喰らう Tenchi o Kurau!CNlCTRaB
GCCX #252 Destiny of an
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