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grindorth wrote:
artins90 wrote:
Yoiko overload today, I just finished watching the live stream and now this.
Thank you Ernie. :bow:

what stream? nintendo?

Yoiko channel:
Wow I had no idea that they have a Youtube channel. They've just released a video where they play Topfschlagen, a popular German game for kid's birthday parties. :D

Basically one kid is "it" and has to find a pot with some sweets inside by moving around blindfolded and hitting stuff with a wooden spoon while the other kids yell "hot" or "cold" depending on if you're getting closer or moving away from the pot. If you manage to hit the pot, you get the sweets and the next kid gets to play. It's usually only for small children. ^^
The dumb is strong in this one.
#289 Valkyrie no Densetsu
GCCX #289 Valkyrie no
iispo #46 Winning Eleven 2020 (2019.11.23)
いいすぽ! #46 「ウイニングイレブン 2020」!iY1h2YjS
iispo #46 Winning Eleven
#290 Space Channel 5
GCCX #290 Space Channel
I got Space Channel 5 part 2 on Steam after watching the episode.
It's such an underrated game, it deserves to be remembered as one of the best rhythm games of all time.
The fact that it's narrative based rather than just a simple list of tracks or levels to beat is quite unique, there is at least one new mechanic added to each mission keeping things fresh and on top of it all, the art direction is amazing it still looks ok even if the graphics are from 2002.
That said the game is also hard as nails, I failed many times so far and chapter 5 seems to be nearly unforgiving.
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