Gamecenter CX Episode Downloads - 152 is Up

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I have em all hand, I'll be posting em eventually.

-- 11.05.2011, 17:17 --

Next group is up, I'll post up to 102 later tonight.

-- 14.05.2011, 18:46 --

The latest episodes, 118 & 119 - F-Zero is up. Enjoy it.
Thanks for getting me hooked on this show, SpikeBender! I've had my eyes on it for a while now, but didn't bother watching it until this past week. I have even played the DS game before without knowing the source material, it makes so much more sense now! I like it a lot, it's a shame there aren't more subtitled episodes. It seems like TV-Nihon stopped subbing it a few years ago too. I thought they were gonna put out a few official DVD's in the US a while back, whatever happened with that?

You can find the first 2 seasons subtitled here (along with the Super Mario Bros. 2 Special):
Episodes 25-41 now uploaded. Come and get it.
thx a lot . Great work - I really enjoy the episodes! :inlove:
Glad you like em Bannion ^^
I am new to the series and...jesus, I am watching episodes since yesterday evening :D this is absolutely great! A perfect show for gaming fans - and I really connect with the host, because I like retro games but suck badly :D

To summarize the situation ( if I am right)
There is season 1 & 2 subbed and uploaded via the link above, several selected subbed episodes (page 1) and the rest in japanese (page 1 too) ?

Wow...this is huge- especially because of the length of an episode. Do you guys know if there is a subber working from time to time on some episodes?
Not anymore sadly, Nihon-TV has stopped practically.
Thanks for the uploads. I'm actually missing a few episodes that I can't download anymore from my sources.

Is there by some chance you also have the Minna no Nintendo Channel episodes?
Are they the same as the Virtual Console games? Ill be posting all the extras, including the specials and the Virtual Console episodes once I've finished with all the episodes.
Thanks spikebender for access to the recent Gamecenter eps! Though I hate to complain about the low resolution (for F-Zero in particular)... I wonder where one could get access to an HD version?

My brother has translated an episode of Gamecenter CX! With Random Stranger's polish, he just put episode #82 (Rockman 3 pt 1) on YouTube, in three parts:

Megaupload link for #82:

He is working hard on part two, and has plans to do more in the future. I just hope he doesn't burn himself out...
Sorry about the crap resolution bigdaddysean, I have it that way so the size isnt too big. If you download a program called Ultra Video Converter, it may help. Thanks for the subs and thank your brother for his hard work. I too hope he doesn't burn out, please tell him to just go with the flow and not overwork himself.
This is what the internet was invented for, and you are a god amonst men. Thank you!
New group up boys and girls. Come and get it!!
bigdaddysean wrote:
Thanks spikebender for access to the recent Gamecenter eps! Though I hate to complain about the low resolution (for F-Zero in particular)... I wonder where one could get access to an HD version?

Here is a better version of the F-Zero episodes. It's 480p so it's not HD but still much better quality

ep 118:
ep 119:
I love GC CX and our beloved kacho.

Unfortunately TV Nihon hasn't subbed any new episodes in a long time.

Thanks for all these uploads !
Are any of the subbed ones not from TV-Nihon/freshly subbed videos ?

If anybody cares, it seems as if the producers/owner of the DVD rights tried to find a publisher for subtitled DVDs in the west: ... stributor/
But since that news is nearly 3 years old, it seems nothing happened.
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