Gamecenter CX Episode Downloads - 152 is Up

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just watched #82 and I like the fact that you're doing the whole episode and not cutting parts out like TV-Nihon did sometimes - great job and eagerly look forward to #83

I think TV-Nihon may be out of it, as they're more concerned with Tokusatsu (? - the costumed hero/villain themed shows) than Gamecenter CX. I'd help if my Japanese weren't so poor
HOLY SHIT! Gamecenter CX in gaki forum??!

You have revived me! Thanks.

BTW, that first season episodes from TV-nihon, is that the TV-nihon release or you just use their sub?

Because TV-nihon 1st season release are cut, they only take the challenge segment only. I want the full ver.

edit* hey, wait. ....damn! I thought all of them have been subbed!

I hope someone pick-up this project.
Bigdaddysean, if you are still here, please tell your brother thank you from the bottom of my heart. He does incredible work.
Thanks a ton to ShinYaguchi for subbing Mega Man 3 Part I & II! And thanks to Gutcruncher & Random Stranger from SA for enhancing the subs & providing HQ raw. :bow:
New subs? :o I've got to go watch it right now. THANK YOU!
thanks!! love this show!
Latest episode is now up. Enjoy everyone!
hiiii !

spike (or someone else) ,if you have time ,check these list because i'm not sure if it's missing episodes

GAME CENTER CX 緊急SP 23min ... 12LrYRDgD/

GAME CENTER CX 生放送SP2 120min ... 1dGsSPUvW/

GAME CENTER CX 生放送SP 1/7(再) 82min ... 1EvC1e7ES/

GAME CENTER CX 生放送SP 2/7(再) 77min ... 1gLurnm9g/

GAME CENTER CX 生放送SP 3/7 80min ... 9HavvatDm/

GAME CENTER CX 生放送SP 4/7 77min ... 9b5J70UzL/

GAME CENTER CX 生放送SP 5/7 83min ... 1kX6z04pf/

GAME CENTER CX 生放送SP 6/7 80min ... 1zpBXBwxt/

GAME CENTER CX 生放送SP 7/7 61min ... 1BLxg4Y0c/

i can make rapidshare links if they are missing

Thanks pychtor, I already have em, just haven't put em up yet. I'll try and get to it soon.
hey SpikeBender , could you check the Takeshis Castle Episode? I wanted to watch the episode several time but "Mega Video" allways says "the file is currently unavailable- Try again later" or somethign like that :(
Bannion, I reuploaded it again. Hopefully that should do it.
Is it possible to get the Binary Land bonus challenge from the latest DVD set?
ShinYaguchi here, glad you guys are enjoying all of this stuff. Feel free to give me some feedback on what you like, don't like, etc.
I just 'finished' tokimemo, but it'll take a long time for RandomStranger to fix it up, since there is a lot of visual overlays, etc. to deal with, but if you don't want to wait, please check out this sub!

Again, any help, comments or otherwise are great!
I think I'll work on castlevania 3 next so, keep watching!
Thank you very much for your hard work :)
Thank you very much, ShinYaguchi! :bow:
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