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iispo #27 Dragon Ball FighterZ (2018.04.14)
いいすぽ! #27 ドラゴンボールファイターズ!jJ9FVJTJ
iispo #27 Dragon Ball
I've been waiting for this. Thanks Ernie-senpai. You're the man.
The dumb is strong in this one.
Yeah, thank you so much, dear friend. I wanted to watch this. It was interesting, but now I realize that the past one (Street Fighter V) was way more fun, just because Arino was there LOL. ... 1825101730

Arino participated in the games maya closing ceremony and apparently there's a live stream of it.
New episode, new season this week ]:)
Cannot live without this show
#257 Mega Man X2 (Part 1)
ロックマンX2 ROCKMAN X2 (前編)!3Q0GkCoS
GCCX #257 Mega Man X2 (1).zip
What was the announcement they made at the end of the Rockman X2 episode?
The announcement was about a live event in October in Makuhari Messe called "7 thanksgiving revenge matches", or something to that effect.The first game revealed is Super Mario Brothers 2, the famicom disk game, which he played in season 1.
link to site :
Thanks @chiefkp

Hopefully it'll air there have been some events that didn't air
#258 Mega Man X2 (Part 2)
ロックマンX2 ROCKMAN X2 (後編)!DRtVVLBQ
GCCX #258 Mega Man X2 (2).zip
iispo #28 ARMS (2018.05.12)
いいすぽ! #28 ARMS!3E9h1IwB
iispo #28

They're playing indie games now.
I really hope they make a longer episode like that minecraft. Or just play minecraft again.
#259 Wonder Momo
GCCX #259 Wonder
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