yoshiikuzo wrote:
Ayaka, Konya wa Nazotore is not airing this week. It seems to be every other week to me, or every 3 weeks. It aired last week.
I'd recommend building up bonus points on the new site so you have a good amount to spend when all the old stuff is transferred. People can always donate you some too to get you started off to where you're self-sufficient making bonus points. (that last sentence you might not understand until you learn the site)

Oh, yes. I want 5/30's Nazotore and now 5/29's NEP League. ^^ Shows I'm interested in keep popping up because I'm interested in the guest! Do you mean you gain points from downloading/seeding? If I'm reading correctly there's something about free leech right now too right? The only problem is I haven't seen the shows I wanted uploaded yet so if I get points but downloading.. I haven't had a chance to earn them yet..

Also oh no, I don't know about whatever jerkwad was being rudeface to Ernie, but that's not cool.. I popped my head around the GnT Reddit the other day to check it out and I was surprised at how mean people got? I was looking at a thread about subtitling and he was kind of mean. I'm sorry they were mean to you Ernie, but pay them no mind. Even office ladies have better things to do in their time.