Question:High Quality Japanese TV shows

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Does anyone still have an invitation to jptvts? I am currently on jpopsuki with a ratio of 1.39, I am mainly interested in 月曜、downtown dx, monitoring and so on. Thank you very much!
invite plz
Once again, please read this post:

poke1 wrote:
I'm out of invitations, so don't ask invitations from me anymore. yoshiikuzo still has invitations, so you can send him a PM. In the PM, please include what shows you are interested in and how much drive space you plan to/can dedicate for JPTVTS.
No. It's not possible to get invitations from me now.
Does anyone have any invitations?
Hello can i get an invite to jptvts?i have a good record on avistaz and aidoru online.i also have high speed internet connection which mean i can seed all those torrents very well.
Would be interested (re:desperate) in an invitation as well :)
ey! i would love a invitation for

I just found out about "" and I too would like an Invitation as well!
Could someone possibly send me an invite to JPTVTS please?
I can show proof of seed from other trackers.
Thank you so much in advance.
Hi GGib,
can i get an invite?
thank you.
Can i please get an invite? I am very interested in Japanese TV shows, i watch with my wife even my japanese is progressing...
Hello, i want to know some of japanese tv stuff, can i get invite too? thank you so much
Any information regarding how to get re-enabled? My account was disabled due to inactivity.
I have plenty of space to seed releases.
Can I get an invite to jptvts? Anyone has an invite left? Thanks in advance.
417 posts