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LONDON HEARTS 2017.12.15 - 3HSP Part 1

Miracle Shots 2018 Calendar
奇跡の1枚 2018 カレンダー!vA9WDZxR
LH_171215_3HSP [1] Miracle Shots 2018
LONDON HEARTS 2017.12.15 - 3HSP Part 2

Kano Dokkiri by Degawa
ポンコツ仕掛人・出川 vs 狩野ドッキリ!vcVHWSRT
LH_171215_3HSP [2] Kano Dokkiri by
I love how Amako Inter's Nagisa points at all her pictures saying, "that person wouldn't be interesting at all!"

Nyanko Star's Angora is already cute as is without all these!! And I like Komiya as is!! But that makes it all the more fun to watch these. Thanks Ernie (= The final choices for the calendar are such trolls
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