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[ENG-SUB] Bananaman skit + Moya Moya Summers clip

Posted: 31.07.2017, 23:00
by Ayaka
Shoot, can I post this? We like Bananaman here right? I found this skit on Youtube/Dailymotion and it's hilarious in my opinion. It's quite old, but I love it.

BOOWDY (Dailymotion)
Download from Mediafire

Donburi Wikipedia entry
BOOWY - Only You (LIVE) - That legendary band the legendary Hotei Tomoyasu was in!

While I'm at it, I subbed a short part of Moya Moya Summers in Nakano when they visited the Macho Cafe. I'm sure you might have seen the Kotaku article.

Moya Summers Macho Cafe
Download from Mediafire

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