Sekai no Hate made Itte Q 2017.08.20

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Miyagawa in Finland
Tegoshi in Thailand
宮川大輔 材木祭り in フィンランド
手越祐也 カレンダープロジェクト4月編 カイトサーフィンで連続写真 in タイ!md0GRRLL
Itte Q 2017-08-20 [720p60].zip
Tegoshi's visiting places that really hit home to me Q_Q First Vietnam and now Thailand! Both are countries I visited last year for my first overseas trip. I'm getting nostalgic. Thank you!
I watched it through today!

That kite surfing thing is new to me!! It looks so difficult (confirmed too, with Tegoshi having trouble too) but I want to try it one day too.

That rotoscoping (is that what they called it here?) is awesome too. My favorite mangaka has been implementing that in his work over the past few years so that was a cool thing for me to see too.

I laughed when Tegoshi had to do parkour and they asked him if he can do acrobatics, since he was a Johnny's Jr. His answer being no he can't was funny to me.

I loved the narrator's announcement when Tegoshi challenged kite surfing again, "To all the fans, a PV feat. Tegoshi kite surfing is on the way!" All right. We'll be waiting.

Thank you Ernie (=
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