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BasicAccount01 wrote:
Various old London Hearts episodes, all subbed:
London Hearts 2003.03.04 - Higaisha no Kai Revengers 1
London Hearts 2003.05.06 - Higaisha no Kai Revengers 2
London Hearts 2003.08.19 - Do-sukebei Hoihoi + Idol Trap (Uehara Sakura)
London Hearts 2003.09.09 - Coming Out Onsen + Kenshou Kanojo no Goukon
London Hearts 2003.10.21 - Coming Out Onsen + The Triangle
London Hearts 2003.10.28 - The Black Memory + Love Train
London Hearts 2004.02.03 - Horezu Kirai Ou Ketteisen Segment (Aya Ueto, Sugita Kaoru)
London Hearts 2005.05.24 - Handsome Boy Taiketsu (Atsushi vs Bobby)
London Hearts 2010.10.19 - Women Ranking
Get them all here.

Please archive and share. Maybe hardsub and upload them somewhere else too. Credit goes to the raw providers at Gaki-no-tsukai and subbers at D-Addicts. Enjoy!

Edit: Added 4 more episodes:
London Hearts 2009.05.19 - Mr. Good Guy, Tamura Ryo
London Hearts 2009.09.01
London Hearts 2010.03.02
London Hearts 2011.10.18 - Guys Ranking Each Other
Thanks to u/ShadowNinja64!

I've attached the .srt files here just in case as well.