I just discovered this show called "Hero AAAA - A Game Show that You Can Watch and Kinda Get Even if You Have Zero Gaming Knowledge" 『勇者ああああ〜ゲーム知識ゼロでもなんとなく見られるゲーム番組〜』.
https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%8B%87 ... 2%E3%81%82

You might like it if you like video games and Japanese variety comedy. No subs as far as I'm aware (the show is only 1 year old).

The MCs are Alco and Peace (comedy duo). https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%82%A2 ... C%E3%82%B9

The show is produced by Square Enix.

It's quite different from game center cx though, which is to me 80% gaming and 20% comedy. This show is more 70% comedy, 30% gaming, even though the whole show is firmly video game-themed and the MCs are much better gamers than Arino of GCCX (they also make references to gaming culture that only gamers would understand). Also, GCCX is pretty family-friendly while this show has a more "bro" feel to it (it's a late night show, for one).

Here is a streaming link to the first episode: http://www.miomio.tv/watch/cc318177/
Might be good to start backing these up by uploading them somewhere. Here's my contribution, an upload of the first ep (aired 2017-04-06): https://mega.nz/#!FTxywbAD
Decryption key: !dOi2_6njwqTTEsga11-6n5TKE303ciHRgrk3kw_uRsM

Here is a site that semi-reliably (some links may be broken) posts links to each episode: http://variety111.blog.fc2.com/?q=%E5%8 ... %82&page=5
Episodes can also generally be found on miomio.tv or pandora.tv
http://search.miomio.tv/?keyword=%E5%8B ... 2%E3%81%82
http://www.pandora.tv/search/searchResu ... type=movie
Youtube-dl works for miomio.tv, and I think miomio.tv has better uploads than pandora.tv. An episode on pandora.tv I found had the video start 1 minute into the show while miomio didn't have that issue.
(Not sure if I should bother ErnieYoung about uploading episodes of this show, lol. He uploads so much already, plus the streaming links above so far are still working.)

An example of a show (using the first ep): in the first segment, the MCs and some guest comedians play a "challenge" from a video game. In the first ep, they taken turns trying to successfully do a "hadoken" in Street Fighter II 9 straight times. If they fail at any point, they get (mildly) electrocuted, batsu game style.


In the second segment, they bring in entertainers who claim that video games is a hobby of theirs. Alco and Peace comically grill them on their gaming knowledge to expose them as fakes (who don't really know about gaming) or authentic.

"Later, I was a car show model."

"There's no way a car show model who has guys all over her is into video games."

In the third and final segment, comedians perform video-game themed skits.


The first segment where they play the challenges probably need no subs to understand, but the following segments probably do.

Anyway, I think it'd be cool if people start downloading the episodes from the streaming sites to be uploaded to somewhere "safer" for backup. It's a different take on video game-themed comedy than GCCX, and it's pretty hilarious.

Another first segment I watched was from this episode: http://variety111.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-44630.html
(miomio.tv and pandora.tv links still work), where everyone tries to do this thing from Mario:


across a section of the level. I remember this skill as being one of the harder things to do in this Mario game, so it shows that they do bring in comedians who have a certain level of gaming under their belts already.