London Hearts 2003-2015 (+specials)

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First of all I have to thank autark for his help. I asked for london hearts episodes here under requests and despite not expecting anything he offered both his collectiion and time.

Thank you very much.

Most of the episodes from him are from d-addicts, etc. with some webrips/korean or chinese torrents from me.

As matter of fact I would like to ask any fluent japanese/mandarin/kantonese/korean speakers for help in trying the find the pre-2003 episodes.

While searching for older episodes I found one from 2002 on a chinese site, but it was already deleted. Which means they exist in the digital format, but maybe just on sites which are more easily reached with he proper language skills.I also found a japanese "trading" filesharing software, that is about asking about wanted content and then scanning your collection to see if you can offer soemthing in exchange for it. Korean websites offering this content can be blocked by phone barrier and I did not manage to bypass it.

So if anyone feels confident in their language skills or has a usable phone number ( korean so far needed) please reach out to me.

So without further ado here the episodes, download them and store them on your internal and external hard drives:



I will likely add the dvd's later on. vol.1,4,5 is availabel. Vol.2 is almost finished but stuck in share(p2p).!UMIRAI5Q!utBTAOgJShUC ... wDxd50nlEw

I have 2004-05-18 file (cream-stew arita vs haraguchi meeting dokkiri)
download long long time ago because of cream-stew, maybe

I might be able to complete 2004 with some episdoes from a korean source.
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