Hi guys, I am looking for the completed version of Matsumoto's batsu in the haunted hotel. I looked around in some of the posts and I managed to find just the subtitles.
I tried to download the file for the subs but the link didn't work, :( but even if I did download them, then I wouldn't know where to get the video from.
Any help would be great.

ps..... I would like the newer version, recently updated by Shibatabread if cool.

thanks :D

-- 09.01.2011, 02:24 --

Actually all good I have the video and sub file, but I was wondering how do you integrate the sub file to the video?
I tried opening the sub file with the rar, but the rar doesn't show up in the list of programs or applications that can open the file, so I am a little stumped on how to do it.