Finally got internet! Starting Famicom challenge

Keep a tab on INCOMPLETED subtitle progress here
I already watch the lego one and its hilarious i hope this is like that por better.
Okay, pretty much finished, just upping the file I used and dat .ass to MEGA. It's the joined file from the French Dailymotion video - the only RAW file I had was worse quality .flv - so if anyone has a link to an HD RAW file it could always be used with that, I think the time difference was only 1 second where the files were joined. Honestly, I just want it made available to watch NOW! So didn't bother with trying to find a better quality file for hardcode or streaming. There will be occasions where a bit of French text is visible but overall I think I did pretty well with this one. Anyway a new thread will appear with the MEGA link as soon as it's done. :)
I believe that super-poster Ernie Young has said that he has the episodes from 2013 in 1080i quality, similar to the 2014 episodes he has been linking this year, so maybe he'd be willing to upload the episode in question.
Yeah good call, anyway the subs are done so just posting it now! :D