I am subbing Gaki No Tsukai "LEGO Challenge"

Keep a tab on INCOMPLETED subtitle progress here
Hi guys, I'm your newest member but have been on this site for some time - I'm currently trying to learn Japanese well enough to sub videos, more so after trying my first video and really enjoying the process. It's the Gaki No Tsukai LEGO challenge featuring Haruka Christine, Wentz Eiji and the always adorable Umezu Kazuo... - which was subbed thankfully in French, giving me an achievable task of doing a full episode fairly accurately (I hope!) too. I think you guys will enjoy the end result, I'm using Aegisub and trying to make the subs fun as well as readable and colour coded. I have already done the first 5 minutes in a few sessions, so I will keep you posted and maybe post a screenshot or 2 or a sample so you can see. Once it's complete maybe I can look for some help with the next clip, but for now I'll do as many from the French teams as I can that don't have an English equivalent yet while I keep studying!
Thank you for your efforts, that sounds great.

Sometime back I tried to translate the episodes from French to English for my own use. Though I don't know Japanese or French! But in the hope it'll speed things up for you, if only for the fact of them already being timed & colored, I'll PM you the sub file. Also same for the Yamasaki batsu where he has to keep calling out Matsumoto's name. They're timed for the uploads by hand:
Sugoi! Cheers so much, this is a great coincidence we did the same thing - it will definitely bring this project to completion heaps faster! I'm not sure I have the raw for the Yamasaki game, so I'll hit you up if there's no link here. I'll definitely do that second, then there's a nice shorter clip of Tanaka fully thai-kicking some pretty innocent looking female performers... He nails them!
Well, I finally finished this off... After moving 2,500 km, and again moving 3 times at my new location.... I finally have a home with good internet and such! So anyway, just upping the raw and .ass file to Mega and will post a new thread with the episode.