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Ep #09 95.07.04 - Rakugo Comedy & Mouth Soccer

Posted: 09.01.2013, 22:19
by soudou

Let's Learn
How to do rakugo (storyteller) style comedy, taught by Matsunosuke Shofukutei (笑福亭松之助). Yamasaki at the end does his in English!

MEGA Download

Alternate file for the Rakugo challenge:

Mediafire Download: FLV 38.5 MB

Let's Try
The cast try to play soccer with various unusual objects by pulling it to the goal using only their mouth. Objects include:
* A walking/yapping dog toy.
* A fish head.
* Mr. Okure (Mr.オクレ), an actor and comedian.

MEGA Download

Re: Downtown Kazaana - Rakugo Style Comedy Challenge

Posted: 09.01.2013, 22:53
by Penguinator
I loved Matsumoto's breakdown at the end.

Re: Ep #09 95.07.04 - Rakugo Comedy & Mouth Soccer

Posted: 28.06.2013, 20:30
by soudou
This thread was previously "Downtown Kazaana - Rakugo Style Comedy Challenge". I've now updated it with the full episode the rakugo challenge clip came from including the "Let's Try" soccer game.