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Ep #11 95.07.18 - Headfirst Sliding & Wrestling Training

Posted: 10.01.2013, 20:24
by soudou

Let's Learn
Learning wresting from a Los Angeles Olympics silver medalist.
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Let's Try
The cast take part in a challenge where they must slide across a slippery surface head first and try to smash the watermelon or tiles at the end.
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Alternate file for the sliding game:

Mediafire 38.3mb MP4

Re: Ep #10 95.07.18 - Headfirst Sliding Championship

Posted: 28.06.2013, 21:34
by soudou
The first post has been updated with a video that includes the full sliding game section. The main difference is the addition of the meeting headed by Yamasaki at the start where they discuss and try out different things before settling on a challenge to try. Sadly haven't found the "Let's Learn" section to this episode.

Re: Ep #11 95.07.18 - Headfirst Sliding & Wrestling Training

Posted: 02.10.2013, 18:07
by soudou
Bumping because I've added the "Let's Learn Wrestling" segment. I've put it all in 1 ZIP file with the sliding game because it'll hopefully be more likely to stay alive with active downloads than having them separate. Sorry if it means some will have to download the sliding game again.