Chinese hard-subbed batsu game torrents! (all except hotel m

Perhaps the best known Gaki no Tsukai episodes are those dealing with batsu games, or punishment games, in which one or more of the cast members are subjected to after losing bets, major competition, or physical challenges
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Tammy and Darksky,

Wow so including me there are at least three ppl from HK who are fans of Gaki no Tsukai. I have also tried to look for gaki DVD in hmv, but they don't stock them. I guess it is possible to ask CD shops which sells J-pop CD in Mong Kok to buy the gaki DVDs but it might cost a bit.

I am sorry to know the restaurant has closed down, with the rent rising many small restaurants close down these days... especially before and after Chinese New Year as the news say.

I really hope that there will be a Japanese film festival again. I was kind of disappointed that 'Symbol' by Matsumoto san was not shown in Hong Kong. I watched Dainnipponjin in TST Culture Center few years ago, the theater was packed with people, so I guess there must be more Gaki no Tsukai fans out there. Anyway let's keep in touch!

this is very nice!
thanks brother!
Though I can read both chinese and English, but chinese subtitles familize me more.
Looking forward to it
Please keep updating this topic for new chinese sub can't wait for HOtel sub so i can show it to my parents too :)

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Is there anyway it can sub in srt/ass file

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Someone kindly upload to megauplaod
hey I am from Hong Kong too !! Thanks so much for uploading this, now I have an excuse to watch all of the batsu games all over again lol I had always wonder will it be different or even funnier if the subtitles are in chinese :rofl:
is the link to the DVD you mention still available for download? or is the dvd just the batsu games?
Can anyone share if they have these? The links are dead and I really want to share these with my family!
Anyone knows where can we get a DVD version of High School Batsu Game without subs (or with English ones preferably :D ) ?
Fengson wrote:
Anyone knows where can we get a DVD version of High School Batsu Game without subs (or with English ones preferably :D ) ?

It's available on the 8th Gaki DVD, it can be found on various sites such as Amazon Japan which I've bought artbooks and such from before so they should ship worldwide. They also have information pages in English, here's the one about shipping rates to Europe: ... =201213460

8th Gaki DVD on Amazon JP
DVD Details:
Format: Color, DTS Stereo
Region Code: Region 2
Screen Size: 1.37:1 (4:3)
Number of Discs: 2
Publisher: R & Sea
DVD Release Date: November 29, 2006
Time: 240 minutes

Contents introduction
Absolutely Do not laugh High School - Matsumoto, Yamazaki, Cocorico
· Ripped outlet Russian roulette confrontation - Full version
· Talk Review of ... punishment game at that time
- Classic & masterpiece talk

Alternatively if you Google for "가키노츠카이 "절때 웃으면 안돼는" 시리즈 모음" there's a really old Korean torrent knocking about with batsu stuff.
Hello all! I ve recently got married to a chinese guy and we both want to watch the batsu games with chinese subs. the thing is that there are no seeders for the torrents so i am not abble to download there any other way i could take them? we want to watch the series so badly but he dsnt know english at all.. if you guys could help it would be much apreciated! :hug:
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