No-Laughing Spy Batsu (2010)

Perhaps the best known Gaki no Tsukai episodes are those dealing with batsu games, or punishment games, in which one or more of the cast members are subjected to after losing bets, major competition, or physical challenges
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biiiiiiiiiiiiig THANK YOU GUYS :clap: :clap:
Thanks sooo much for uploading this! GREAT WORKKKK~ :D
thaaaanksss ~
poor tanaka and yamazaki, they got thai kick :rofl:
thank you a lot man
Looking at my files of the HD Hotel batsu, I snagged them on the 5th last year so hopefully the HD will be capped and uploaded soon.
lol already?, thank you :D
Just watched it the other night, very good! They even had a short Black Devil Tag segment, and Chono of source. ^_^
Is any HD versions available yet?? Does not look like it.
Haven't been here so much.
thanks you are the best
Kanzaki wrote:
No-Laughing Spy Batsu (2010)[/img] ... 231spn.jpg[/img]

Torrent link (thanks to Feffiroff@DA :inlove: ) ... 1F.torrent

A single .mp4 file
Size: 1.4GB approx.
Lenght: 04:56:27
Framerate: 29.97 fps
Quality: SD

HD version will be available soon.

Thanks bro'. Arigato! Dowloading!
Hello. When does HD version of this video will be available?(Raw, no subbing one :) )

Someone please answer this question ><
I'll wait for the DVD version

and sub.
k, i watched it...

Im bit disappointed, because its bit boring. Of course there is few hell funny moments, for example Hamada's doll, or The naked idiotic group (like in hotel batsu), but all other is boring.
HD version is available over at d-addicts.

It's a whopping 15gigs though. (1080p)

thank yu oscar_6!!!
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