No Laughing Airport Batsu 2011/2012 HD/Translated Downloads

Perhaps the best known Gaki no Tsukai episodes are those dealing with batsu games, or punishment games, in which one or more of the cast members are subjected to after losing bets, major competition, or physical challenges
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Hey everyone, by pure coincidence, does someone have the 23 minute or 2 hour extra footage of this batsu? Preferably the 2 hour one.
I've been searching this and there are just few portions of the episode, but not the entire thing. :(
Gaki no Tsukai #1087 (2012.01.08) - Airport Batsu Extra Footage (24mins)

Gaki no Tsukai (2012-01-13) - Airport Batsu Extra Footage 2HR SP
Stream: gave up, too many errors

going to take a bit longer then i expected :(
Wow n3gra, this is beyond awesome!!! I thought I was gonna die without seeing this!! Thank you so so much!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :hug: You rocks!! :rock: :rock: :inlove:
No worries happy to do it. :) Got a couple errors from dailymotion gonna retry that tomorrow.
Don't worry about Dailymotion. It can be really messy sometimes. I'm happy with the download :) This is a happy day. You made me happy today!! :drunk: :drunk: :drunk: Thanks n3gra, you're aweome!!
Woow thats great thanks man you make my day.
Now i have more Gaki to see LOOOL
Thanks n3gra! You can have my movey! :D
here's subtitle files from gakifiles which is already synched with video from this thread
I sync it myself, sorry if there is an error!JQ5CkRbC!ojbNHQR_P ... 9riBWXRPP0

Sorry too much error in the timing so i deleted it.
I was trying to get the 2 hour Extra Footage special but it seems the file is no longer available on Mega. The same non-working link is in the "Extra Footage" thread so it looks like that was the only copy available. Could some kind soul please upload it to Mega if possible? Thanks a lot!
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