Here is my HQ release of the EDF 2013/2014 batsu game.

File details:
Video codec: HEVC/h.265 Please check if your player supports this. I always use MPC-HC and it works with no issues.
Video FPS: 59.94
Video resolution: 1080p (1440x1080 anamorphic 16:9)
Audio codec: AAC LC
Subtitles: Embedded ASS
Overall bitrate: 4377 Kbps
File size: 9.1 GB

Some random screenshots:
Image Image Image
Image Image Image
Subs are of course from the excellent Team Gaki. They are embedded - not hardcoded - so they can be turned off.

I made this from the 36GB TS raw file. Commercials have been cut, however there might still be small traces of them because of the way I cut them (nearest keyframe).

Enjoy! :)