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Perhaps the best known Gaki no Tsukai episodes are those dealing with batsu games, or punishment games, in which one or more of the cast members are subjected to after losing bets, major competition, or physical challenges
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Will there be a live sub on the chat like last year?
We need more desu!!!
Is there a torrent we can utilize?
think theyre probably waiting on an encode.
Man I couldn't participate in live translating this once again (only done it once), but great to see those old men still going at it. Sure to check it out once I can get it from somewhere.
Thanks for the torrent but damn, 13GB :D
Hopefully the download will be complete today haha

Is this 1080i?


Yeah, it's 1080i enough. Plenty of scanline artifacts. Going to run it through handbrake and re-upload if anyone is interested.


Here is a sample of a 1080p fix. I'll be cranking out the full version now. Pay attention to side to side movements in the original vs. this and you'll see what I mean.


I saw a Facebook post regarding this, they said that TeamGaki are working on a progressive scan version (unsure if they meant me or someone else). If someone else is working on this, please let me know so I can free up my workstation.


Got a reply from the team lead, someone else is indeed handling it. I wouldn't bother downloading the original, unless you just feel like seeding it.
HAPPY NEW YEAR GNT FANS!!! Akemashite Omedetou gozaimasu! Kotoshi mo Douzo Yoroshiku Onegai shimasu!! :sun: :l: :up:
CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THIS!! 13gb... haha well, beggars can't be choosers!
(ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง WANT! 1992 Gaki no Tsukai plush toys!! (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
Happy New Year and Akemashite omedeto.....
Members who understand Japanese can watch batsu game 2016/17 here.
part 1. ... d=54461872
part 2. ... d=54461873
part 3. ... d=54461874
part 4. ... d=54461875
part 5. ... d=54461876

I am not sure about posting third party links if this is against forum rules plz delete. Thanks
Long-ass post warning here, but official TV ratings are out for Japan's New Year's Eve Programming for the 6 main free-to-air stations. As usual, Kohaku Uta Gassen won the ratings overall and Gaki no Tsukai finished on top of the non-Kohaku ratings battle for the 7th year in a row. Aside from Kohaku, Gaki was the only program to achieve double digits in primetime ratings.

Note that the TV stations have divided their ratings into parts:
NHK's Kohaku Uta Gassen: 35.1% for part 1, 40.2% for part 2 (the first time in two years that Kohaku has broken the 40% mark)

NTV's Gaki no Tsukai: 17.7% for part 1, 16.1% for part 2 (both parts increased on their respective offerings from last year, part 1 by 0.1% and part 2 by 0.8%)

TV Asahi's Quiz Survivor: 7.1% for part 1, 5.8% for part 2, 5% for part 3, 6.9% for part 4 (a major decrease; part 1 managed to get 10% last year, this year not even close)

TBS's Kyokugen sports program: 6.5% for part 1, 6.3% for part 2, 5.5% for part 3, 4.2% for part 4 (major decrease here as well; highest rating it got last year was 9%, this year could not even break the 7% barrier)

Fuji TV's RIZIN MMA GP: 5.6% for part 1, 7.1% for part 2, 5.7% for part 3, 3.6% for part 4 (slight improvement, although last year was split into 3 parts only.)

TV Tokyo went with two different programs for its lineup, getting 2.5% and 3.9% each. (TV Tokyo are notorious for not really caring about New Year's programming, so nothing really noteworthy)

Source here: ... nannex-ent,
Hi im from Australia and found downtown on you tube.
I am so glad u r going to use subtitles. They are my favorite comedy group on tv.
P.s I love hamada's sadist ways.
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