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Re: No-Laughing Scientist (2016/2017)

Posted: 08.01.2017, 22:15
by rko3000
I'm sorry but can someone upload this in a torrent? This resized files are much better than the 13 gb version :o

Thank you anyways Ernie, thank you for sharing...for real! :bow:

Re: No-Laughing Scientist (2016/2017)

Posted: 18.01.2017, 20:13
by animefy
lol. thanks for the upload.
Endo and his wife are so cute when they kissed each other.

Re: No-Laughing Scientist (2016/2017)

Posted: 20.03.2017, 17:50
by greator
You can use Team Gaki sub file to work with Ernie's version of video, it's just need a little bit of modification since Ernie's video are longer than Team Gaki's.

I've made one for the first part. I will upload the second part shortly after this.

We still have to wait for Team Gaki to finish up all the sub, even with the completed part 1-6 right now doesn't seems to look 'complete'. A lot of speech didn't get sub and fonts have different sizes.|

Edit: added part 2. It's only halfway (part 6 of Team Gaki sub)