Hello Gaki family and friends,

I found a great J-movie that I had to share with you all.
Just completed adding the English subtitles so you all can enjoy it better.

True story of Rikidozan (Korean/Japanese decent). As a young boy, he trained to become a sumo wrestler who can only achieve limited success in Japan because he's half Korean. In his quest he meets his true loved wife Aya. Rikidozan later goes to the United States and discovers professional wrestling, he earns his name and reputation as a great pro-wrestler and returns back to Japan. He with his help of his sponsor (Kaicho) open Japan's first training gym and spread the new unbiased sport of wrestling; later to become a true hero who never lost a match!

https://j-addicts.blogspot.com/2020/01/ ... re-en.html

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