Tsukitei (Yamasaki) Compilation Discussion

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There's one here actually:

Probably not as well-known as Wikipedia.com though.
But it's somewhat incomplete.
True, Housei's page seems just a copy of the Wikipedia page before all the personal info was removed.
The Wiki of that page of Gaki seems incomplete, and it doesn't have an air date guide for the episodes.
Well, it's a wiki, so just edit it and add some info! xD

The last edits have been from october or september, so it's not abandoned. Get in there and wiki it up!
Bue from where we should extract the info? :o
VideogameDC wrote:
Bue from where we should extract the info? :o

Our own experiences watching GnT!
Got an idea, extracting portions of the japanese Wikipedia article of Gaki. It would be hard to translate those portions on Google Translate because it scrambles many words, but that's the relatively complete article of Gaki on the Internet.
http://yamasakigifs.tumblr.com/post/105 ... aru-comedy

Tsukitei Housei as a guest on a “AruAru” comedy stage event show. This is just a partial sub as there’s no transcript or on-screen subtitles. I don’t know Japanese so couldn’t understand much just by listening. Hope you enjoy anyway! Special thanks to Hidensetsu for helping me with Housei’s card. :bow:
144 posts