(2002)studio ghibli documentary

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here's an old studio ghibli documentary from 2002

also I found an old nhk show that is similar to ame ta-lk where they discuss manga, anyone know if there are subbed episodes of the show?
NHK TV Show Professional: Style of Work Special: Hanao Miyasaki.

I recently finished playing Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, which is an RPG game directed by Studio Ghibli.

One interesting aspect was the fairy character Drippy, in the Japanese version he has a Kansai region accent, similar to the Gaki guys, he has an affinity with comedy. Studio Ghibli always seems to do great localizations, I'm still impressed they actually did both an American and British English dub of Arietty for example. So in the English version they made the interesting choice of keeping that regional flair by having him speak with a heavy Welsh accent.

Originally I was going to play it with Japanese voices and subtitles, but even as a British person I had difficulty keeping up with the Welsh text during cutscenes because of all the contractions, haha.
"Youer havin' a laugh 'ent you mun, it's not a flippin joke init? Ouer lives are on the line 'ere!"
But the dub was good so I didn't mind (by ear I had no problems with the accent, it was just tricky for me to read quickly). Anyway it was just interesting for me, that comparison between how much Welsh English differs from British English in the same way Kansai Japanese differs from Kanto Japanese.
soudou wrote:
"Youer havin' a laugh 'ent you mun, it's not a flippin joke init? Ouer lives are on the line 'ere!"

For some reason I read this line with Vinny's voice. Yeah, Vinny from vinesauce. :P :D