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Legal V ♥ Ryoko Yonekura

Posted: 11.10.2018, 19:40
by J-addicts
Hello Everyone,

For Ryoko Yonekura fans! She is the main star on previous DOCTOR X series.
Here is LEGAL V, a new drama which stars her.

Shoko Takanashi/Ryoko Yonekura is a former lawyer. Due to an incident, she was disbarred from the law profession. Takanashi persuades a university professor, who is accredited as a lawyer, to open a law office. She hires a lawyer and a paralegal to work at the law office. The team goes after for legal victory. They go up against a large firm in a civil suit. While working on the suit, the team experiences difficult situations.

Click on the URL or paste the address to view episode 01 without commercials. ... ekura.html

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