Funny Fighting Game (independent)

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Hi ,it's pychtor

since few years , i am part of a french collective called Freak AC (doing short movies and stuff), and here is the teaser from "FIGHT", the game, that we developped with M.U.G.E.N :

The entire game will be available for free, october 9, on our website

You'll can choose one of the 5 playable characters (T-Flexx, Bling, Moochy, B-Borg, Chili), fighting for... we don't exactly know why they're fighting so much, but there must be a good reason.

Make war, not love. :rock:

pychtor (and also Tflexx) from Freak AC

DL link :

for any information :
Facebook :

ps:i think there's no problem to talk about independant games but tell me if so.
The game is out ! :inlove: