Ep #1 Sendo Akiho (Singer, Actress) 1993.10.07

ダウンタウン汁 - A Downtown-hosted variety show

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Guest: 千堂あきほ (Sendo Akiho) - Singer & Actress.

Additional Segment: 130R Skit (Itao Itsuji + Kurano Takahiro)

Comedy Brain Battle Notes:
Team Zero (Yamasaki & Hiromitsu) plus Higashino Koji are the first cage inhabitants, just because!

About The Show:
Broadcast on TBS in the early 90s, Downtown Juice featured two sections. A guest interview and a "Comedy Brain Battle" where the objective was to think up the funniest answer. Those with the lowest score were forced to stand in a cage until they could earn enough points to sit at a table. The one with the highest score won a prize from their sponsors. A few other skits and segments with some casual Downtown talk are thrown in here and there.

Yamasaki Housei
Koji Imada
Higashino Koji
Itao Itsuji
Kurano Takahiro
Kimura Yuichi
Shimada Tamayo - The only female comedian in the cast.
Hiromitsu Noriyasu - Housei's Team Zero partner though they don't interact much.
Thank you very much. :D