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This is not a link to a video of Suiyobi No Downtown. It's a link to an article about an episode of the show.

It would be interesting to see the episode (add it to the neverending request for subs).

Japanese music has a wide variety of artists, and like any country’s music scene it too is full of gimmicky sounds or imagery. Such music can be great and a lot of fun too, but there’s something about a naturally talented vocalist that demands our attention and respect.

But who in Japan is the greatest pure singer? Some of you may have already pulled up an image of your favorite Japanese singer while others like me are drawing a blank, still unable to shake the image of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu dancing with candy skeletons.

Luckily, the TV show Suiyobi No Downtown held their own ranking survey asking 200 people in the Japanese music industry from vocal trainers to studio engineers “Who is really good at singing?” Here are the results.
Here's the episode, it's actually a 2h special (ie. 90 minutes of actual content).
This thing started from Miyasako's "theory" about Utada Hikaru having the best voice. He told about how he had went to some summer festival where various people were performing during a fireworks show and without proper equipment, but when Utada started singing, Miayasako could hear her perfectly, even from the back of the audience. The staff then held that survey in order to find out if his claim was correct.
Also, Beat Takeshi makes a another appearance. This time it was planned from the beginning, but it was still kept as a surprise for Downtown and the guests.

I have to say this show has been great so far, sometimes reaching Lincoln levels of enjoyment. There are lots of great guests, most of the topics (ie. "theories") have been interesting (one of my favorites being Udo Suzuki's extremely apologetic behaviour; presented by, of course, Amano) and there's still lot of room for Downtown to fool around. It seems like the producres are also wiling to put money into, as each time there are big guests (actors, talents, comedians) and events like this singer survey and a tournament for the "Weakest Traditional Weapon" (KenKoba's theory about kusarigama being the weakest weapon).
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