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Suiyobi no Downtown
1. 2018年 予告ドッキリ
2. 悲鳴-1グランプリ
3. 日本一 髪が長い男芸人 トム・ブラウン布川説
4. DESIRE 合いの手 選手権!ucNl0SoA
Would somebody be so nice as to host the episodes on streaming websites? I have very limited monthly bandwidth quota and I can't afford to download 1.5gb video files. I usually only download videos at 360p/480p resolution which at most about 400MB in size.

As for which host to upload to, you you can upload to and share the individual/folder link to us. Unlike youtube, this site is not regularly being checked, so it is very unlikely the videos will be ever taken down and since it's google, everyone can download it at full speed and is available everywhere.

If possible, I didn't want to make this post at all asking for this kind of thing but I don't see any other choice here since there's no where else to find newer gaki stuff and I assume this will be very helpful to people who are in third world country or in same situation as me.

Lastly, a huge thanks to ErnieYoung for being so consistent with your uploads. We might be a silence bunch but trust me when I say that we all really appreciate your effort for all these years.
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