I like how these comedians are so confused about what Shozo is asking them.
Hamada got his right, bringing his total of correct guesses to 6. Dang! He's good at guessing what he tasted while blindfolded.
My Top 10 Games of All-Time #10 - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (N64) #9 - Super Mario Kart (SNES) #8 - Pokemon Stadium (N64) #7 - Pokemon Black & White (DS) #6 - Pokemon Pearl & Platinum (DS) #5 - Sonic Generations (3DS) #4 - New Super Mario Bros. (DS) #3 - Super Mario Bros. (NES) #2 - Pokem...
Romantic!!! :* I would've loved to be on the receving end of those kisses. However, they would be from Endo Shozo, Matsumoto Hitoshi, Matsumoto Hitoshi, Tanaka Naoki, and Hamada Masatoshi on an episode of Gaki no Tsukai! :inlove: :mm: :$
Statistics for Anime Cosplay Bus Tour! Game 1: Lupan sansei Safe: Hamada, Tanaka, Yamazaki, Matsumoto, Miyasako, Hotohara Eliminated: Endo Game 2: Jimmy Onishi Safe: Hamada, Matsumoto, Tanaka, Yamazaki, Miyasako Eliminated: Hotohara Game 3: Senda Mitsuo Safe: Hamada, Tanaka, Matsumoto, Miyasako Elim...
Statistics for S&M Queen Cosplay Bus Tour! It says who was safe and who got eliminated. The subsequent games involve less than one person each time. Game 1: Senda Mitsuo Safe: Hamada, Fujiwara, Suga, Yamazaki, Endo, Tanaka, Matsumoto Eliminated: Onuma Game 2: Katsura Sanshi Safe: Fujiwara, Suga,...
These are the statistics of who won, who was safe, and who lost the Technician Challenges placed by Hitoshi Matsumoto (Matsumoto Hitoshi in Japan). They are reserved for the Gaki no Tsukai boys only, no guests allowed. 1. Bra Removing Winner: Matsumoto Safe: Hamada, Yamazaki, Endo Loser: Tanaka Puni...
Found it on YouTube! :D It's gaki no tsukai 911.

-- 23.01.2012, 01:04 --

Who's rocking hips were your favorite? Mine are Endo's :inlove: :$ :* :mm: ^_^ :)
Damn it! :@ :swear: ;( :(
My favorite of his changes when he's having an orgasm from fondling his pecs while a girl in her bra and panties records on a camera. OMG, I'm getting aroused just by thinking about it, and it's a sin I'll go to hell for if I don't repent while I'm alive today. :* :inlove: :$ :|
2 more episodes aired, and Hamada guessed his jam correctly. :D :lol: :!: :* ^_^

-- 27.09.2011, 20:12 --

Tanaka guessed his apple juice correctly, bringing his total to 3. Potato Chips aired, and no one got it right.
They got it right on their last chance. :clap: :whew: ^_^